Invader Zim was kind of ahead of its time

it pretty much heralded the fact that the most popular genre among teenagers would later become dystopian films that have criticisms towards the way society is run, a full 10 years or so before this trend actually started


First of all, what is with this weird Clueless knock off poster?

Second of all, Clueless is a modern day adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, and a fantastic one at that. It was also a movie about a young woman becoming less petty and more aware of the people around her. It’s also awesome and should be knocked :P

Third of all, this is not a shift to a “more aware and present” teenage populace. This era’s teenage populace are not unique butterflies that magically became more political than their predecessors. There are both shallow and interesting people in every generation. Which is why there are books and stories about distopias that satirize the current political landscape in every generation. Jonathan Swift? Margaret Atwood? George Orwell? Or maybe since your denigrating the 90’s generation, Lowis Lowery? The Hunger Games is fantastic but it’s not a genre unto itself, nor unique in the message it’s trying to convey.

4th, go read some Jane Austen. It’s worth it.


every. damn. day.

The only thing here giving me hope is the fact the the AMAZING Faith Erin Hicks feels the same way I do. If someone as talented as her wants to throw heavy things while looking at artists on tumblr, I can fell slightly less bad about my own self.
This is an older one that I kind of forgot about until now. It’s my re-imagining of Wonder Woman as Japanese. Please excuse the probably horrible Japanese characters. I used google translate, so yeah.

Wow, I guess only white men can “make it” in the art and illustration world.
It sounds like they at least interviewed Becky Cloonan, but the documentary focuses mainly on the stories of three men, and the marketing photos made no attempt to include women or POC.
Dear people making documentaries about artists: here is a list of over 100 women artists that you could maybe consider including next time. 
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"Every time they were doing a Marvel movie, I was like who can I audition for? I can be the guy that says, Thor, throw the hammer! It got to the point where Kevin [Feige, President of Marvel Studios] was like, Stop. Don’t call us anymore. If we need you, we’ll call you. Six months later I got a call about Falcon."

- Anthony Mackie (x)

Wouldn’t it be great if there were tapes of Anthony Mackie auditioning for different Marvel roles? Anthony Mackie as Happy Hogan. Anthony Mackie as Thunderbolt Ross. Anthony Mackie as Johann Schmidt. Anthony Mackie as Frigga. Anthony Mackie as Stan Lee.

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Your wish, etc… etc…


So I think we were all pretty righteously pissed off today. And then Greg Rucka reminded us all why we buy so many of his comics.
And like some lesser designs, you can also buy this on a shirt.

Contents Under Pressure


I rarely use this to just blog. I’m going to just blog now, so you can all just ignore this if it’s not to your liking.

Warning. Contents under pressure.

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